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David “Max” Maxwell

Zephyrhills, FL
Phone:  813-395-4949

About David Maxwell

David “MAX” Maxwell was born in Texas in 1956. After living there 30 years he took off for Florida for the winter. He traveled all over Florida till he got to the end of the road in the Florida Keys. He stayed there for over 20 years . But as the cost of living in the Keys got higher and he no longer fished or dived as much as he used to, he longed to return to the real world. He traveled all over mid Florida looking for the perfect town for him that had all he needed. A low cost of living and not too big but not too small. He found that in Zephyrhills, FL . In his search for his own mobile home or RV at the over 100 parks in Zephyrhills alone he gained extensive knowledge of the pros and cons of different models , parks and the town . He realized he could help other people do the same . Let him put his knowledge to work for you to buy or sell your mobile home in Zephyrhills and save you time, money and frustration .

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