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Sell Your Home.

Our five step selling strategy for your home.

Intro Step 1
Finish all of the outstanding projects you have
been meaning to complete.
Only work on the ones that will add value.
We will give you guidance on what the most important items should be.

Intro Step 2
We know you have to live in your home
but keep the home in as clean and
presentable condition as possible.

Declutter your home and remove any unnecessary items that need to be packed away before moving.

Intro Step 3
99% of Realtors are not trained and licensed to give opinions of value.
We are licensed by the state as we have a certified appraiser on staff.
Let our valuation professionals guide you through the pricing process.

Intro Step 4
Whether its holding an open house
digital marketing or syndicating your
listing on, Zillow and other major sites, we make sure to give your home the most exposure possible.

Intro Step 5
Don't worry. Remember. You have experts on your side.

If you get a bad appraisal or our state certified appraiser can review it for errors.
If you get a low offer, we have the comps to support the asking price.

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